Ireland’s West Coast City of Limerick

Limerick, in Munster, is the biggest urban concentration in the West of Ireland, but be warned, it is the first landfall on the East side of the Atlantic, so it makes it rather prone to a spot of wet weather.

That does not mean that you cannot have a great time there. For starters, Limerick is permanently green, largely due to the amount of precipitation that falls there throughout the year, coupled with a good amount of sunshine in Summer.

Limerick, which is known as the third city of the Irish Republic, is only about 15 miles away from Shannon Airport, and the main attraction is King John’s Castle, which is about 15 minutes’ walk away from the city center.

On the way there, visitors might also opt for a visit to the Hunt and Limerick City Museums. The castle was built in the Thirteenth Century and is built in a pentagon shape, which in medieval times, was the most effective shape for a defensive position.

In the city itself, visitors can pay a visit to St Mary’s Cathedral, which gradually built on a place of worship that has been there since 1168. A curious fact about this site is that marks on the building itself were made by defenders who used the abrasive stone to sharpen their swords during the many sieges that the city endured over the years.

Ireland is an island of Catholics and there is, of course, more than one cathedral in the city. The second one is St John’s Cathedral, which is surrounded by a square of Georgian townhouses dating up to 1750.

Half an hour away by car, visitors can tour the Glenstal Abbey, which is an ancient monastery set on a 500-acre estate. No one knows the precise date of construction, as the site was modified and fortified over the years to protect the monks who lived inside.

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