Ireland – The Land Of Guinness, Whiskey And Friends

Ireland is the land of Guinness and Whiskey, and most probably the only country in the world where you can sometimes find more pubs than you can shops.

The island is perfect for driving country. Once you have taken a few days to sample the delights of Dublin and Temple Bar, the heart of the city, it is time to rent some wheels and get out and about to see the beautiful countryside and the hundreds of pubs that dot the country.

You can literally pull off any motorway and find a pub. Each and every one will have the same thing on offer: Guinness on tap as well as staple favorites such as Kilkenny and other amber to dark brews. The Irish love a drink (or six) and once people have had a couple, you might see someone grab a house violin and start to play it as a fiddle, while thumping their foot on the floor to create a folk beat. Within minutes, you will hear everyone chime in with a singalong and people you have never met before in your life will suddenly become lifelong friends. That is the way of the Irish. They might not remember you the next day, through the cloudy hangover, but after a couple of minutes of banter, you will all become friends once again.

On top of the friendly people, the cold and fresh beer, the hearty food, there is also the landscape. There are cliffs, rolling hills, and so much lush green countryside. The country may be small but for what it lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty, personality and in green. There are sheep, tall trees, lush grass, all so beautiful that some of the most romantic movies in the world have taken place amongst it.

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