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Ireland, the Emerald Isle, Erin, Eire, the Island. She goes by many names, but the colour green and the jovial disposition, along with the love of ale, stout and beer permeates through the identity of these people and their culture.

On these pages, you will find information pages and blog posts about this unique island nation, still solid on sectarian lines, but also united in their adversity.

The Republic of Ireland has gone from a backwater nation in the shadow of the United Kingdom, to becoming a Celtic Tiger Economy that went from nothing to a powerhouse and then close to bust, only to defy expectations and turn it around to the road of prosperity once more.

It is an excellent destination to visit, and perhaps one of the most rewarding driving holidays around, with a few beautiful cities such as Dublin, Cork, Waterford and Wexford as well as Belfast over the border in Northern Ireland (which is part of the United Kingdom).

Ireland is one of those places where you can just drive from one place to another and ten days will pretty much allow you to see everywhere you want without having to rush anything. Apart from rolling hills and beautiful valleys, you will encounter castles, ruins, colorful and quaint villages and most of all, pubs! And lots of them. It is also a home to the arts and music and if you like sports, you can always tap into the world of Gaelic football. Ireland is stunning and it is there at your fingertips.